1992 Citroen cranks, won't start troubleshooting tips

Usually my car will start immediately, and run smooth the entire time. A few weeks ago it wouldn’t start right after I drove it, just crank. We waited a few minutes, it fired right up and ran fine all the way home, couldn’t hear a single misfire. Now it’s done this a few times, and seems to happen after it’s warm, when you try to start it after a short trip to the store. Then it’s fine again the next day.
The car is a Citroen ZX 1.4i from 1992, Bosch single point fuel injection.
Things I’ve tried:
changed distributor cap and rotor, no change.
The spark plugs was changed earlier this year by mechanic.
Changed fuel filter in case of bad pressure. I think I can hear it running a little smoother when cold after this, but no change to the problem.

I did change the timing belt myself about a month before this started happening. Could be that, but it started straigth up the first time after change, and I drove it just fine for a month after. It fits better with the cold weather coming and thus greater temperature changes from cold engine.
No check engine light when it does start. It never stops either after successful start, and I can’t hear any random noises or coughing or anything while it running.
I’m a bit lost on how or what I can troubleshoot next, you guys got any ideas? Checking for spark I guess, but how would that fit with it running smooth when it starts? Fuel pressure fits better with temp change maybe, but shouldn’t that be better after warmup, instead of worse? And also smooth after start? Please help!