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Citizenship Puzzler - Two Answers

  1. Both the relative and his parents (whose parents were foreign-born of foreign parents) were born in a foreign consulate located in Cambridge. Not likely.

    2. Cambridge has been around for quite some time, has it not? This is the answer.

    I note with interest that on the Make/Model part of the page I am currently on, Delorean is available, but the Plymouth Valiant and Belvedere are not. Shame!!!

According to the Cambridge, MA web page, the name was changed to Cambridge in 1638. That would be 140+ years before the United States existed. Plenty of time for a set of parents and their son to be born and die there. I hope they have a specific person in mind, with a reference to the tombstones in a particular cemetery. In theory there could be many such men, but they should be able cite one specific example.

My answer was that the man was a slave. No citizenship there.???