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Leaking shocks

We have a 2012 Grand Cherokee and after a recent service our Indy service provider noticed our rear shocks were leaking slightly. They insisted we replace but didn’t want to spend the $1100 they quoted . The car has 80k miles and seem to work just find with proper rebound, ride and all.
When do you recommend replacing in this situation ? Do you replace now to prevent issues down the road or wait for more signs of failure before replacing .
Thoughts ? Thank you

$1100 is really high. I’m assuming they’re just regular shocks? They’re like $50-$75 each and not hard to change. You can look at them yourself. If they’re leaking, you’ll see a drip mark down the tube or wet fluid dripping. Leaky shock wouldn’t be an immediate safety concern either. You could put it off until the ride got bad.

At that price, I assume you have load-leveling rear suspension. If the rear isn’t “stepping out” when you hit a bump going around a corner, drive on.

It does have the air ride leveling system as well. There are slight drip marks on the tubes but nothing dripping on the ground .
I think we’ll continue driving on til we notice an issue.
Thanks foe the insight !

repair cost with OEM parts at $777.

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