Chrysler Town and Country leaking under glove compartment

Hey there,

My minivan is leaking under the glove compartment. Not sure where from. It only happens when I make left turns. And if the AC is on when I make those turns, I hear what sounds like water pouring onto a fan possibly (like a crackling sound almost). I have attached a video/gif. In the video I pulled down the carpet underneath so you can get a better look. Can someone please give me an idea of how to fix it?!


Have someone go under the van and unplug the AC condensate drain tube.



I’ll give that a shot, thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know the outcome after I try this

Do you know how to do that ? If not You Tube videos are a good way to find out how.

Or you can just use weed trimmer line . Do not use metal clothes hanger wire as it might damage or get stuck in the drain.