2003 Chrysler Town and Country Air Conditioning

I have a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country mini van. I suspect that my airconditioner is leaking becasue there was a major puddling on my passenger floor when I run the airconditioner for extended periods of time. I just took it to my mechanic and he told me that in order to check it out they will have to take the dash off which will take 10 hours (88 p/h) and then the cost fix. Best case scenario clean out so just 880 or replace the evaporator, dryer and expansion block to the tune of an estimated 1700.00. Am I being hosed. Please help

The contents of the a/c system turn into a gas if it leaks out, so that’s not the issue here. What you have is a clogged condensate drain, which is easily and cheaply fixed. Usually, pushing a piece of weed trimmer line up into the drain pipe will get things flowing again. The drain is a short rubber tube going through the firewall into the engine compartment on the passenger side. Keeping the cowl area (the area just below the windshield wipers) clear of leaves and other debris will help prevent a recurrence of the problem.

I wouldn’t let your current mechanic touch the van, however, considering what he told you.

I agree, it a plugged heater drain.

does your van use ANY antifreeze? any at all?

does this ONLY puddle when the AC is on?

if it NEVER puddles when using heat, or no other symptoms then the mentioned drain needs to be reamed out. it is a simple job, and if the guy can’t figure this out, go to another mechanic.

Thank you to cappy208, willey and NYB208. I almost had a heart attack when I heard the estimate from our mechanic. I actually was contemplating not fixing it and you can’t imagine what a florida summer is like without air conditioning. I am going to take it to one of the mechanics listed on car talks website and hope that is as simple as you all think it is. Thanks again.