Chrysler Town and Country Front Brake Pads


I feel like an idiot, but Saturday, I pulled the front wheels off my wife’s T&C 2001 van to cahnge the pads, which I have done on many mnay cars and I could not unloosen the well hidden bolt on the caliper to rotate the caliper foward. I tried a 1/4" allen wrench – too small and a 5/16" allen wrench too big! Apparently ther eis no such thing as a 9/32". I tried a 6mm allen and an 8mm allen – same story (and no 7mm) was at the hardware store…

Am I missing somethion here? Talk aout frustrating.

Thanks in advance.


The calipers might be mounted using Torx fasteners. These are star shaped recessed bolts used on many of todays vehicles.

Your local auto parts store should be able to supply you with a set of these Torx bits to remove the caliper bolts.