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88 Honda Accord LX front brake calipers

Ok, got out my handy dandy How to manual and started to replace the front brake pads. Only the caliper will not rotate up, either side driver or passenger. Took the lower bolt out and… it begins to pivot only to clunk and stop. Might move about 1/4 inch before hitting the stop point. I cannot figure out what’s stopping them.


Use an 8 inch C-clamp to push the caliper piston in. Use a large screwdriver to rotate the claiper.

There’s probably a ridges worn on the outside of the rotor preventing the pads from clearing when attempting to remove the caliper. With the caliper in place, take a long screwdriver and stick it into the opening at the top of the caliper so that the blade of the screwdriver snags either the rotor or a brake pad. Now pry the screwdiver towards you so that the caliper piston is forced in enough so the pads can clear the ridges on the rotor.