Stalling and not starting 98 Chrysler Town & Country Limited Edition

For the past 4 months my van has been staling. It would stall while I was driving (35-45 mph) I put it in nuetral and restart each time. Check engine light would come on ea. time the car would stall Car stalls when it is in park, drive and nuetral. When I am on the highway it will “cough”. it acts like it wants to stall. sounds like engine wants to fall out the bottom, check engine light always comes on when it stalls and coughs, but goes right back off. Van does not completely stall on highway. If the cruise control is on, it will shut off at that time.In the past month, the van will periodically not start and has progressively gotten worse. When it would not turn over, I would get out and jiggle battery cables and it alway starts. (My mechanic tells me this is just a coincidence) Sometimes I don’t jiggle cables and I wait for a 15-20 seconds and try again. The van makes no sound and no clicking sound when it doesn’t start. I just keep turning the ignition switch till it starts. The vehicle has been in the dealership approx. 2-3 weeks now off and on. They can not pin point the problem. However they now tell me they believe it is the control module and they want to replace it. They have reflashed the computer and it is updated. I have taken it to my personal mechanic. He too has had it approx. 2-3 weeks and still has not found anything that pops up on the flight recorder. He now has asked that I bring it back in to him this week. He does not want to just start replacing parts without knowing what the real issue is. Has ANYONE ever encountered this problem? If so, what would you suggest I do.

Frustrated in Orlando.

If you haven’t had a ‘tune-up’ done in the last 30k miles, do it now. Plugs, fuel filter, air filter, throttle body cleaning, replace pcv valve, etc.