Spare Tire 2014 Town & Country

You guys and gals are the greatest! Thanks for solving so many issues for me. Problem at hand: Our 2014 T&C did not come with spare tire, which we found out after the sale. No problem, love the van, have 8K already. Went so several auto recyclers to buy used spare: guess what, only one had a spare and it does not fit the bolt pattern. Before I head back to dealer and raise all kinds of hell, what are your ideas on the subject.

Go here,, and enter your vehicle information, and it will tell you what wheels/tires fit your vehicle from other vehicles.


Was your Van supposed to come with a spare and does it have the crank down cable to retain the spare? If it does you will have to decide between the full size spare to match your tire and rim size ofr a temporary spare. Craigslist is your friend.

I assume this is one of the ones that comes with the flat repair kit. I was looking at 2015 Sonata’s and they were the same. The dealer had the spare (donut) kit for $150. I didn’t buy that car, but I am not sure a spare is really needed. If you have AAA and the flat repair kit you might be fine. I know old habits die hard though.

Raise hell? Welcome to the 21st century and all it’s changes. A lot of vehicles no longer come with a spare tire for a variety of reasons. I, for one, have never used a spare tire in the last 40 years. I’ve had them but never once needed one. I carry a small portable air compressor and a radial tire plug kit. It’s really all you need unless your tire is completely destroyed and I believe that scenario is quite rare.

With respect, do you really think the average owner is going to plug their tire? In the rain? At night? In the snow?

I realize that eliminating spares has probably yielded .001 mpg toward CAFE compliance from the weight reduction and another .01 mpg due to the ability to make the car a bit smaller, but eliminating spare tires is a pet peeve of mine. The feds are requiring more of the expensive safety systems every year, yet they don’t require a spare? I don’t even like compact spares, because I believe they compromise safety in all but the best weather. In snow they’re downright dangerous. But they’re legal?

I generally agree that eliminating the spare is irritating. But my position has, admittedly, been softening. The last time I changed a tire was… Huh. 15 years ago. And that was when I was driving my MR2 home from buying it, and the previous owner had let the tires go too long which is one reason I got it for a song.

Tires are good enough now that generally if you replace them on schedule you’ll almost never have a flat unless someone does something malicious to your car. Even running over road debris will usually just cause a slow-ish leak and you can just drive it to the tire shop. And with AAA’s 100 mile tow, the outlier total tire destruction that requires it to be changed before the car is driven is taken care of as well.

Really, spare tires were a lot more important back when tires weren’t as good and we didn’t have cell phones to call for help no matter where we are.

The simple answer is no…t s mb because the average owner seldom checks their oil or even their tire pressure. I’m not a big fan of the move to eliminate spare tires but reality is what it is and I accept it.

I have to ask this. Are you sure you are looking in the right place? On our 2012 Caravan the spare is under the van between where the front seats are. Not a place I would have looked. My dad thought there was no spare, until he read the manual.

+1 to Pvt Public’s question/comment.
This is exactly what I was thinking.

(Note to OP: Please verify that there is no spare present–either inside or underneath the van–before you wind up possibly embarrassing yourself at the dealership.)

Owners Manuals Tell Where To Look And Usually Whether Or Not It’s An Option.
My Older Generation Caravan Has A Spare Underneath The Vehicle.


Just to add my own two cents, yeah it has been a long time since I’ve had to change a tire on the road. I did run into a 2 1/2 inch screw about 500 miles from home a few years ago. Had I not been able to hobble into a Walmart to get it patched, I would have needed to put the temporary spare on. It can really cause a problem on a trip at night or weekend. Plus, you will have a hard time doing your own rotations without using the spare.

Since the OP never answered, I looked it up. From 2012 the T & C comes without a spare, it is a $295 option.