Chrysler Pt Cruiser possessed, please help

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I know this is an old thread, but same thing has happened to me twice on my 2002 Cruiser Limited non turbo. Second time a few days ago. First time it was towed to the dealership because the ASD wiring had shorted out and needed to be repaired. Prior to that I had changed the Ignition Switch with no luck. Car ran fine for a few months, but then started having intermittent starting issues and the radio would flicker on and off. Second time all dash lights would flash, gauges dancing with no key in, lost power while driving, shut car off and would not come back on even with an attempted jump. Ended up having to tow it to the dealership, who could not figure out the issue only that there was no power going to the TIPM.

I towed the car back home instead of throwing parts at it because I don’t have a lot of money to spare on a car that isn’t worth much in the first place. From what I had read the battery cables had a tendency to corrode and cause problems. I inspected the cables before and they had looked fine, a little corrosion but I had cleaned them up before and had no issues.

I ended up cleaning off both terminals and noticed a loose bolt on the positive side holding down the wiring to the terminal. The hole had stripped out and would not tighten. Jammed the cables in the terminal the best I could just to see if that was the issue and VOILA! Car had power and fired right up.

Long story short CHECK YOUR BATTERY CABLES AND TERMINALS FIRST. It’s a much easier and cheaper fix than taking apart the dash. Even the dealer couldn’t figure that one out for some reason. Unfortunately new cables from the dealer were quoted at $250 so I’ll be going to the junkyard to find a new set. Hope this helps someone out there because it cost me quite a bit of time and frustration for a fairly easy to fix problem.

none of these items would have caused all the lights to light up and then go back off within 10 seconds.Who ever talked you into replacing all of those parts were just throwing parts at it, and knew nothing about diagnosing this problem.

They would also not get much help from hooking this up to a scanner.
Get a new mechanic, this one has no clue!!!

You have no reason to take this 12 year old car to a dealer and pay their high rates.
Find a good independent mechanic …not a chain either.
Any of those parts would have at least made the engine stumble and you do say

And of those only the battery or it’s connections would even come close to being looked at.

It sounds like for some reason the Body control Module is going through it’s self test of all systems while you drive.
I’m not sure if a loose connection would trigger the computer into doing this or not.
It is quite a job to get to the BCM though.

A corroded connection, a plug in the wiring harness that is so close to coming apart that it is like a loose light bulb in your house that flickers.

If you are in a pretty large metro area, look for a shop that specializes in auto Electronics.

And There are places that sell the computers for the PT that care not Dealer only!!!


This was posted in 2016, I didn’t even notice either.

I think they got it fixed by now.