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2006 PT Cruiser

HELP. My car or myself must be possessed. My dash board lights up for no reason. All the lights – seat belt, engine, oil, etc. Also the speedometer goes from 0 to 100, the RMP needle goes from 0 to whatever and my gas tank need goes from empty to full to back to empty. In addition it is now loosing power --no gas is getting where ever so I must pump gas peddle to get it going again. It usually lasts only seconds and there is NO rhyme or reason to when it does it. I left it with a dealership and they drove it 265 miles and it did nothing. I got it back and within 48 hours it started doing it again. They did put in a new instrument cluster and it still continues.

I would start to suspect the Body Control Module.

The BCM is the gate keeper for the Controller Area Network or CAN. The BCM allows computers/modules to communicate with each other.

If the dealer installed a new instrument cluster, and the same problem still occurs intermittently, then the BCM would be the next suspect.


Check battery and ground strap wire. Both may need replacement.

Having same problem, same make model year…did either of these work?