Chrysler Dodge Starting Problems



Once or twice a months, our 2009 Dodge STX will not start but you wait 30 minutes then it will.

Jumping does not help. The Wireless Access Node (WIN) has been replaced three times. The vehicle has alway been hard to start but in the past few years, the “fake dead battery” syndrome has started where the car acts like the battery does not have enough electrical power to turn over the starter/engine. When using the FOBIX the car will provide an audible click but it will not start


The main battery cable to the starter may have corrosion inside the insulation at the battery connection. This is a fairly common problem. I assume the battery and the connections to it are clean and in good shape. The main ground cable should be checked also.


STX… Is That A Grand Caravan STX… Or Is There A Model Called STX?

Please provide more information if there is any. Thanks.


TIPM Totally Integrated Power module would be my guess after the cables.


Are the two starter motor voltages correct when the key is in the “start” position?