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2005 doge neon starts when it wants

I have a 2005 dodge neon sxt edition, 4 cylender. Ever once in a while I would try to start the car and it would not start, everything worked but when I turn the key I didnt get anything at all almost like the starter was not even hooked up. I would wait a couple days and try it, and then it would start and run fine. This happened a few times throughout a year. We replaced the starter and the computer module/brain box (I am not to sure what is called- driver side lower front in front of the front tire is where this piece was located). The car ran fine for a couple months. It did it again and I let it sit and it started. About a month later I went over some rough tracks and the car stalled. It has not run since. I have tried to keep starting it, but I get nothing from the engine like there is no power to the starter. Please help…running out of money!

Sounds to me like a connection, possibly a bad battery wire. It can’t be much, but will take a little troubleshooting by someone familar with a VOM. Lacking a vom, you can “jump” across the battery wires with a jumper cable, if you are careful and don’t catch yourself on fire. It might also be a neutral safety switch, clutch switch, any other safety device your car might have. It shouldn’t take a good mechanic more than a few minutes to crack this nut.