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Chrysler Cirrus Nearly Stalling after Cold Start

Winter is soon to arrive here in central PA. As the temperature began to decline at the end of the summer, my car began to act up. It is a '97 Cirrus with 167,000 miles.

What happens is after I start the car (it usually starts on the first crank), it will have no power and nearly stall the first time I step on the gas. After about a 1-2 second delay, it will take off like normal and operate normally for the rest of the day (or until it sits long enough to cool down again).

I am thinking fuel delivery, but the fuel pump and filter were replaced just over a year ago. What are some other possible culprits?

I’m thinking it has a failing engine sensor and after a few seconds the computer realizes that the reading coming from it doesn’t make sense and substitutes a guesstimate for its data instead. Is the check engine light on?

The check engine light is on, but the code I get is for the evaporative emissions system. I haven’t pulled the codes for awhile, though.

What is the code you’re getting?

Go have the codes pulled again. Write them all down (exact code lie P1234) and post them.

I would think any one of the following could cause this, spark plugs, wires, or ignition coil.

I haven’t had the codes pulled, but I did the onboard diagnostic and got the following results (blinks of check engine light after cycling the ignition three times):
12, 43, 43, 66, 66, 55 (the last one just means it’s the last one).

Based on some internet research, the 43 code points to either a misfire or the ignition coils. I’m not so sure about 66, or why I got two of either. Anybody know what my car is trying to tell me?

I’ll try and get a scanner on it tomorrow.

The codes:
P1698 - No CCD Message From TCM
P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire
P0303 - Misfire Cylinder 3
P0455 - EVAP Monitor Large Leak

The guy at the unnamed auto store cleared the codes after I wrote them down. I drove about another 40 miles and the check engine light has not come back on yet.

What’s priority and how should I tackle it?

Codes posted…any ideas?