2000 Chrysler Cirrus Stalls;CV valve the culprit?

My wife’s 2000 Chrylser Cirrus LXi has 104k miles and has problems with stalling out especially when the engine is warm. It generally starts fine in the mornings, but will run extremely rough if there is any damp weather (which is hard to avoid this Spring and Summer in the Northeast!).

The problem is now getting worse and the car does not want to restart even after lengthy waits by the roadside.

Some one told her it was the PCV valve. Can this be replaced indvidualy? If so, where is it? I would prefer to try something simple before I have to take halfg the engine apart to change all of the spark plugs on the 6 cylinder model.

Running rough in damp weather is a common symptom of a problem in the high voltage portion of the ignition system. (Everything between the coil(s) and the spark plugs) You can try spraying water on the ignition components and see if it causes the engine to misfire.

The PCV is not likely to be the problem, but it is cheap to replace anyway. The PCV is usually connected between the cam cover and the air cleaner assembly with rubber hoses.