cant fig, it out tryed every thing to get this car to run, but nothing. does any body out their own a 1999 chrysler lxi cirrus and if so what problems have you had with yours.


The devil is in the details. Can you give us the details? We need details because there are so many possibilities.


Getting today’s electro-computerized wonders to operate properly can be WAY beyond the ability of yesterdays shade-tree mechanics…


Read the codes. One of them is for PCM bad. If you get that one… There are other possible codes too. A hundred bucks at Wal-Mart and you might become your own expert. It’s happened before.


What does it lack, fuel, spark, timing, compression, or cranking ?


it seems to be flooding out all the time


Give us the symptoms. What happens, or what doesn’t happen, when you try to start, or drive, the car? Give as much detail as you can.