Chrome grill stained



The chrome grill on my GMC Denali got sprayed with red transmssion fluid from a car that collided with another car and then came barrelling towards me at a stop light. I was able to remove the fluid from the paint but removing it from the grill is not so easy.

The chrome on my grill appears stained. Is there anything I can do to it myself to remove the stain? I’m having dfficulty getting anyone to take the blame and pay for the damage through insurance.


Start with the mildest product, soap and water, and work your way up to the strongest acid product you can find at the hardware store ( I don’t think you will have to go very high above basic soap products as you can put transmission fluid on your hands without hurting your skin), hard to understand how it damaged “chrome”


I do not know if this applies but we used to use cranberry juice to take stains out of aluminum.


Okay I went out to really see what my grill is made of after one of the comments was made. It seems plastic with silver paint on it made to look like chrome. Wow. Any ideas of how to remove transmission fluid from paint?


I am stunned, you mean that your GMC makes use of fake chrome? no wonder they are in finacial trouble:)


It’s not paint made to look like chrome.


I don’t think chrome on steel is standard on any cars these days.


another stunner, it never stops.


I’m also a bit curious about transmission fluid staining electroplated plastic.

The OP states they’re having difficulty getting anyone to take the blame but it would be interesting to know if a claim for this damage was made long after the fact, whether this damage was notated on the police report at the scene of the accident, etc.