2006 civic EX auto trans. Fluid leakage

Hey cartalk!

I have 76,000 miles since new and noticed leaking

fluid at 70,000 miles. Power steering fluid and

brake fluid are topped off. I noticed after 3 days of

no use the leak appears. Its originating

above oil pan and filter near the power steering

belt but back. Noticed wind is pushing fluid

toward bottom of oil pan. Whats the problem???

It needs looking at carefully and quickly. It could be a cooling line for the tranny, or even the tranny cooler itself.

A rack is the best place to start. You can see far better with the car on a rack than on the ground.

I don’t know what Honda has for a powertrain warranty, but of it’s covered, get it in there fast and keep your copy of the shop order,

Hey thanks for reply,

I actually did my oil change recently but prior i always
took it to the dealer. I noticed the fluid is
golden yellow to golden apple juice color. The temp gauge is
at the middle and i notice no over heating and the engine heats up normally
from a cold start.

Also i noticed the color of the leak was the same color as now before I drained my oil 4 weeks ago. When
I removed the old oil it was black but the leak color was yellow brown.

That color sounds like oil to me. The location would suggest a main or camshaft seal. There are flourescing dyes that can be added to trace back the leak using a UV light (a “blacklight”).

I misunderstood your heading. I thought you were aluding to tranny fluid leaking.

Hhhmm since it is thanksgiving I will jack the car up this weekend
and try to get some pics up. Could it be a head gasket? The leak is
only on one side of my car, the side where my oil filter is, actually
the leak starts above it

But if it is as you suggest above, whats the damage price wise
and how much longer can I go without a fix???

Now I do see why my heading is misleading. But Im referring
to it being an automatic. :slight_smile: sorry.

It’ll go forever as long as you keep the oil level good. The lubrication system is unaware that it leaks, as long as the pickup tube is submerged in oil so that the pump has oil to pump.

If it turns out to be a front seal and you have a timing belt, cfhanging it when you do the belt would be prodent and inexpensive. The seals themselves are under $10. Heck, you can buy an entire Civic engine gasket and seal set (not including headgaskets) for under $100.

Also I notice that the leak starts off as a circular speck on the
floor and builds up. Is it some how starting off as a big leak and
funneling itself into a small stream. I can actually see a trail of fluid
from near the engine going down all the way to my oil pan.

Are you suggesting that I not get it fixed, only do it when I need
my timing belt replaced AS LONG as its properly oiled up?
Whats the worse that could happen not fixing seals???

No, that’s not what I’m suggesting. What I’m suggesting is that if your timing belt is due soon, and it is in fact a front seal, do both at once. The seals themselves are cheap, it’s the labor that’s costly, and the mechanic will be right there when he does the belt. Apologies for not being clear.

I’m also pointing out that the engine itself will be unaffected by the leak, with the possible exception of degradation of the timing belt if the oil is getting on it. If that were to occur it could lead to premature timing belt failure, but to be honest that’s a “worst case” scenerio.

However, looking more carefully at the posts it’s entirely possible that the source is elsewhere, perhaps as simple as a valve cover gasket. First find the leak. We’re making assumptions here, and that’s not a good way to troubleshoot.

I don’t understand the cirular spec description. But it’s really not relevant to the problem. Focus on finding the leak and go from there.

Check the oil pressure sending unit for a leak. It’s happened on two of my cars and is easy to miss. My mechanic found this leak on my Caprice when it was up on the rack for the oil change.

Ed B.

Ok. Ill have pics up by monday or tuesday.
Can I get the dyes at an auto store??

Also the leak seems to build up in one area
of my garage floor I layed out brown paper bags. If you can imagine a drop
as big as a quarter end up as a donut shape.
The leak is slow. I did not use it for a week and
the leak was probably about 4/5 tablespoons big.
A circle no bigger than a donut

Something about current cars thats upsetting.
I had a Honda Prelude Type SH 1999. Had it till 2005.
I got it at 32,000 miles drove it hard all day everyday.
Put on 30,000 miles. Did my own oil changes and valve adjustments
and never one fluid leak problem. I did get my belt replaced under
warranty though. My civic I baby do not even rev the motor passed
5,000 revs normally and I get a leak. Go figure???

Maybe I should have driven like a maniac???