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Chirping Sentra

There was a caller this week–David, I think–who complained his 2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8S chirps every time it shifts from second to third.

Tom and Ray tried to answer his question with intelligent reasoning that comes from their years as skilled mechanics. It was some drivel about exhaust pipes flexing or the drive train creaking at exactly the moment of the shift. Totally bogus.

Hopefully, David followed their second piece of advice, this time based on nothing more than their desire as radio hosts trying to fill the airtime. They suggested David check for a bulletin, and that is right on the money…

There’s a bulletin for this Sentra and a few other Nissan cars that experience this chirp. The solution is to pay a ludicrous amount of money to the dealership. In exchange for your pile of cash, the dealer will drain out a few ounces of transmission fluid and replace it with the magic Nissan chirping transmission additive. Problem solved.

I suspect the additive is actually Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup, but hey, it worked in my 2006 Sentra.

A point for those items that occur when driving and not on a lift. If you mount a LED light on the area, and a remote camera, then things can be viewed you might otherwise not be able to. Small remote cams are available on Ebay and the like and aren’t that expensive, hook up the receiver to a portable TV.

My suggestion was a AT filter change and new fluid, sounds like something sticking in the transmission. Said magic Nissan additive might do it, it probably has a teflon additive.