Transmission issue - clutch chatter

Hello, My 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee seems to shudder when I accelerate anytime above 50 miles an hour. A transmission shop flushed my transmission and added Lube Gard. This has stopped the shuddering however it seems to come back every 10,0000 miles. It is expensive to change the transmission fluid so often. Any idea’s? This has been going on since the car hit 40,000 miles. It now has 80,000 miles.

“Clutch chatter” makes it sound like you have a manual transmission - but the info in the post about “flushing” sounds like it is an automatic. Clear up this question, is it a manual or automatic transmission?

I’m sorry…it is an automatic.

Several similar products, Trans-Medic, Trans-Magic, and others seem to share a common ingredient which somehow de-gums and unsticks internal transmission seals and servos. If the fluid is bright and pinkish and not over filled adding one of those products usually clears up the chatter of lock-up clutches. I have been happy with it for that and other problems and never seen any detrimental effects.

It is a NAG1 transmission.

Fluid and additives can only accomplish so much. At some point a transmission shop needs to start doing things like scans and fluid pressure checks for an internal problem if this has not been done.
A quick look at ALLDATA does not show much going on as to the transmission being very problematic on this kind of vehicle but any transmission is subject to problems no matter who builds it.

I was almost tempted to state that the problem could be related to a mount or an engine performance problem except for the part about the problem stopping after a fluid change.
Just to clarify, after a fluid change the transmission shifts, etc are spot-on and no shuddering at all?

There was a safety recall out on the 05-06 NAG 1 transmission manufactured before June 3, 2005. The recall has to do with converter clutch shuddering due to water in the transmission fluid. A leaking dipstick tube seal at the transmission was allowing water to enter the transmission causing the converter clutch to shudder. Check the manufacturers sticker in the drivers door jam to determine the production date of your vehicle. If it is 06/05 or before your vehicle falls under this recall. Call your dealer with your vin# and see if your vehicle is in their computer falling under this recall.

Here is a link to the recall
Read the recall, it explains everything.

Let us know what they say.


Yes - it is pretty much gone after the fluid flush and for the next 5,000 miles. Originally when I discovered the problem, you are correct, they could not identify the issue and no filings present.