Birds in the Transmission?

Now getting ready to divorce the Jeep - second reman engine seems to be running OK (OK, only 2,500 miles it but hope keeps us alive, right?). Now getting a chirping noise when the automatic tranny shifts gears (I) on a warm engine with (II) the A/C running. Hear it only when accelerator depressed, I.e.not when it downshift when coasting to a stop.

I don’t understand all that you have put yourself through with this vehicle in the first place. Apparently you do plan to replace it so just do that and let the next person worry about this chirping noise.

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do you have a new serp belt and a new tensioner when you got a new motor?


Yeah, full install kit - new belts, hoses, plugs, wires, etc. What has me looking at trade-in value is not just the chirping noise, it’s the weird feeling shifting which makes me think that the whole rig is falling apart. So, if the diagnosis from the mechanic comes back with anything else than adjust a pulley and belt, my wife gets a new minivan and I take her 12-year old Sienna as my new ride. Questions now mostly for academic curiosity.

Chirping noises definitely go w/belt and pulley problems. That’s where I’d start looking myself. Sometimes it’s possible to diagnose by spraying a little spritz of water with a spray bottle on the belt path components. If the noise changes , major clue that it is something on the belt path, often the belt itself has worn out of the tension isn’t correct. When major work like engines swaps are done, the alignment of the pulley’s w/respect to each other is also a suspect.