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Chirping belt on Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra 05, 24,000mi: Dealer can’t fix chirping noise from drive belt . Dealer has replaced the belt 3 times (03/07), (12/07),(10/08) in the last 2 years. Replaced idler pulley bracket EG5041 (3/07), tensioner assembly 10/08. Dealer stumped and owner very discouraged- noise has been there for 2 years. Tom Hamon

When does the “chirping” occur?

After the things that have been done it seems there must be another problem. One possibility I can think of is one of the components is not hitting the belt squarely, maybe if you have them hold a ruler along each wheel along the belt path they will find one that is a few degrees off that is causing the problem.

can you get an audio recording of it and post it here?

i would guess that some outside hearing may help decipher it.

does it change with rpm?

does it change after the engine has run for a while?

does it change with deceleration?

does it change with AC on or off?

My 2000 Blazer is prone to noisy serpentine belts. I installed a new Dayco belt and it was noisier than the 3 or 4 year old belt it replaced.

I replaced the Dayco with a Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V serpentine belt and it has been the quiestest belt so far. I ordered it on the Advance Auto site and picked it up at the nearest store.

Here’s the belt for a 4.7 V8

Good luck,

Ed B.

Chirping starts quietly when the engine is turned on. It gets louder and faster as the rpm goes up even when the truck is not in gear. It almost stops when I release the accelerator and the rpms decrease to 1000. This truck does not have an air conditioner. It gets louder when I’m driving the truck and it doesn’t change after driving the truck for awhile. The ruler suggestion seems good, I believe the chirping has to do with the operation of one of the components but I have no facts for that belief. I don’t know how to record the chirping sound or post it on this site. Thanks for the belt suggestion but I will delay this purchase until I can rule out ( no pun intended) the components.