2001 Toyota Tacoma Intermittent 6 -12 Month Chirp

I have had this problem over the last several years, there is a chirping sound (guessing belts) that will happen for a day or two and go away for 6 months to a year. New belts were put on at the dealer a few years ago and then this intermittent chirping started. It never happens at start up or at idle. I have had the belts rechecked at the dealer for proper tightness also at other mechanics. The other day I was picking up a new battery for this truck and was advised to try belt dressing. I have not gotten any relief from the chirp. I was on my way home from getting some new tires installed and noticed the chirp would go away when I accelerated (I was drive at about 30 mph). I’m at a loss and hoping someone can give me an idea as to what is causing this chirp. The last mechanic told me they cannot help me because the noise doesn’t happen at idle with the hood up. Note this is a 3 belt system and the chirp doesn’t happen at high speeds (over like 55).

It might be the pulleys the belts ride on. You could remove the belts and spin the pulleys. If any of the pulleys make noise when you spin them, replace them. You might not find out if it works for another 6 months though. The shops may have done that already, but you didn’t say that.

A further possibility is the crankshaft pulley may be starting to separate.

Never use belt dressing.

This being a 2001 model year vehicle…

I’d be suspicious of anything the belts touch/attach to. Could the alternator, water pump, A/C compressor etc.

You don’t mention if any of those parts have been replaced, but if not, that’s what I would check next.

Sounds good to pull all 3 belts and spin the pulleys. Have not had the pulleys checked with the belts off, I think only the belt tensions. Also since this has been going on and off for awhile I have just been putting off look at the problem. Maybe pulley play is more obvious now. She only has 84000 miles and is a 2001. Hoping nothing big.

I didn’t ever think of the crankshaft pulley. She only has 84000 and is a 2001. Thinking if this is the problem the preventive belt replacement might have caused the problem (possible over tightening of one or more of the belts). Started after the belts were replaced at the dealer.

That makes sense since none of these components have been replaced.

Driveshaft rear joints needing lube or replacement can make a chirping sound. Is chirp frequency most closely related to engine rpm, or vehicle speed? See what happens when coasting vs in gear, etc.

When I was out driving yesterday (approx. 30-35 mph) the noise went away when I pressed on the accelerator then immediately came back when I let my foot off the gas. I did this several times with the same results. What does this mean for a drive shaft? I have not taken the truck back out for a test coasting, etc. The weather here in South Dakota has turned bad (black ice, etc) Truck is a rear wheel drive and it stays home when the weather is bad. I hope to relocate her back down south next year.

That’s consistent with a drive shaft problem by my experience, u-joint & slip-joint lube problem etc. . But it doesn’t imply the cause could only be the drive-shaft of course. Other possibilities.