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Overheating 2008 Chevrolet Uplander

I have spend so much money on this chevy uplander van. neither I can through nor keep it. to through I have already spend so much money on it and if keep it, not know how much I would have to spend. is there any recal for this van. it overheating again and again.

If you want to find recalls, go here;

But that won’t likely solve your issues. This is a 10 year old vehicle way, way out of warranty. If you have a recurring problem your mechanic can’t fix, find a better mechanic. You can have a cheap mechanic or you can have a good mechanic, generally not both.

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Are the electric fans even activating . . . ?!

How many miles?

coolant level correct?

If you’ve got an obvious coolant leak, such as a radiator or water pump, I’d suggest replacing those parts, before getting in too deep. sometimes it’s that easy

You can use a block tester to determine if combustion gases have found their way into the crankcase

Most auto parts stores will have this kit in stock, I believe it’s less than $50. The kit will have instructions, and there should be plenty of youtube videos, as well

Overheating an engine repeatedly can cause expensive damage. You need to get this car to a good mechanic who can fix the problem quickly.

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That is the automotive equivalent of a person who has a heart attack “again and again”.
Many–both people and modern vehicles–never recover from the first incident, so it is vital to avoid multiple incidents.

You need to have a competent mechanic evaluate the problem NOW if you want to have any hope of continuing to drive this vehicle.