2001 chev silverado

Shift cable has broke three times. Even when changed shifting is stiff as f*ck and eventually breaks again. Any ideas?

Has the linkage been checked. Any binding is going to cause extra stress on the cable and cause it to fail. Did you replace it or a shop? If it was a shop, find another and explain the multiple failures.

I believe its the lever on the transmission or maybe the transmission valve ceasing?

The linkage is fine. Everything is connected and the car breaks between the column and.transmission


I watched a youtube video and it’s a common problem. Great video.
Silverado-Sierra ,Automatic Transmission Shifter Cable Replace: http://youtu.be/o0LOOdR7tuM

@jesse86 When the shift cable was replaced, was it adjusted properly?

Was it routed exactly the same as the old cable?

Was it properly secured, using the clips which are supposed to prevent it from moving about

If not, it might be a contributing factor