Chevy Silverado Air Conditioning - Lame


The air conditioning in my '02 Silverado LS has never worked very well. I’ve had it looked at twice while it was under warranty and the dealer said they had replaced a switch but near as I can tell it did nothing. It’s no longer under warranty.

Any ideas on how to diagnose these problems? I have made sure that all of the cooling radiators are clear.

For reference, the air conditioning on my wife’s 96 Sable wagon works 200% better.



Since the warranty has expired and there is no reason to go to the dealer, I suggest you consult a shop that specializes in automotive AC systems. They are the experts, and can maximize the performance of your AC system. Dealers have AC equipment, but they don’t specialize. Check your phone book. I’m sure you will find an AC shop in your area.


Has it ever worked well? If it hasn’t worked very well even when new, either it had a problem from the start or it was not designed very well in the first place. (In that case, no, you can’t just replace the compressor with a bigger one. You’ll also have to upsize the condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, condenser fan, air handler unit, ducts, wiring, etc. In other words, forget about it if it’s poor design.)
What’s the supply and return register (vent) temperatures? The system might be running just fine. You might just have expected a more powerful A/C.

Call a professional to check the system.


Run it in recirculation, the new systems are very small.


What really needs to be known here are the high and low side pressures, outlet air temps, etc. Without that, there’s not much way of determining anything.

As usual, ignore Star’s Alice in Wonderland A/C ramblings. They are irrelevant, dead wrong, and known to the Car Talk management now.