A/C not cold

The air con in my 2000 Olds Silhouette isn’t putting out real cold air like it used to.

I don’t have a thermometer to stick in the vents but I know it’s not as cold as before.


Some of the refrigerant has probably leaked out of the system. Take the car to a shop that works on automotive AC systems. They have the equipment and knowledge to properly diagnose and repair it. Adding cans of refrigerant without repairing the leak is just throwing money away, because the refrigerant you add will leak out again.

How much does it cost for a can of refrigerent?

It seems like it is low on freon. Having a set of gauges installed to check operating pressures would be the first step.

I’ll bet adding a small amount of freon would get the system working properly again but if the performance falls off again I would be looking for a leak.


Anything to add from your out of this world A/C advice???

With today’s A/C systems, I really suggest that for your safety and for the car, it is better to have a pro with the tools, and knowledge take care of this. Misscharging can be dangerous to the car and the one trying to do it.

Try cleaning the condenser coil first. A dirty condenser coil causes high pressure. Check the condenser fan for proper operation, too.
If it still doesn’t work right, just add some A/C leak finder dye (must be compatible with polyol ester oil for R134a) along with refrigerant. Then use a blacklight to find the leak and fix it.

Thank you all very much for your replies.

I won’t attempt to repair this myself as I don’t know much about it.

We have a shop in town that can handle this. Thanks again guys.

BTW, the temp hit 91F up here today.
Way too hot for me.

You can clean the condenser coil. Just carefully spray water through the coil, being careful to avoid spraying any electronics. If the coil is really dirty, you might have to use a special solvent to clean the coils with.
It’s surprising how much a dirty condenser coil can decrease performance.

BTW, ask the shop if they know what a micron gauge is and why it’s used. That’s a way to find out if they’re a good shop. (For your reference, a micron gauge is a very precise vacuum gauge used to make sure a vacuum is pulled deep enough to allow air and moisture to be removed from the plumbing. That’s especially important with polyol ester oils that will easily absorb moisture to form corrosive acids.)

It’s slightly low on refrigerant as Willey mentions and take that advice to the bank.

(It had to happen.) :wink:

Thanks Star.

Thanks OK.
This is the first time since I bought the van used 7 years ago that it doesn’t run as cold.
Anyway, I’ll have it checked out.

my 2003 dodge dakota quad cab blows nothing but warm air, no cool/cold air ever comes out of them vents. its frustrating when it is 105 and you are driving with kids in the car. there was a new radiator and condensor was put in sept. 2006? why

Did they pull a good vacuum when they replaced the condenser? Air and moisture left in the system can block the expansion valve and cause compressor burnout.
Have a professional check for leaks. They might have made a leaky connection when they replaced the condenser.