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2002 sable A/C question

I own a 2002 Mercury Sable platinum edition with almost

> 60,000 miles. A few months ago I brought it to the

> dealership because of a problem with the a/c. My a/c wouldnt

> come on and they said there was a leak which they fixed .

> About 3 months ago I tried it out to make sure it was

> working. My warranty was running out shortly. On 60 degrees

> it blows cool air. On 65 degrees my drivers side blows cool

> air and the passenger side blows warm air. .I have brought

> it to the dealership three times. Each time they said it is

> fixed and this last time they told me this is the way my car

> is. They said it will blow warm air on one side to even out

> the flow. They also yelled at me for putting my a/c no since

> it is cold out I could damage it. I just want my car in the

> warm months to have a/c . Sometimes on 65 degrees it takes a

> little while for the a/c to blow throw the vents at all. It

> would come out of the top. If that makes sense. I dont

> know what to do. Any

> thoughts?

“They also yelled at me for putting my a/c no since it is cold out I could damage it.”

If this is true and the person that said it believes it, they are ignorant. The only way the AC system can be damaged in the cold is if the high pressure switch is failed. Note that the AC is enabled whenever you turn on the defrost anyway. It may or may not actually engage depending on the temperature. You should point that out to the jerks.

If they are not patient and courteous with customers, you have a second reason to go elsewhere. Try another dealer if there is one close by. You have registered the problem with them and Ford has a record of it so they have to fix it even if the warranty subsequently expires. I believe that Ford calls their repair recording system ?OASIS?.

You can also take the issue directly to Ford, though, I am not sure how you would do that. They probably did fix a leak in the first visit. The other problem is probably not directly related to the leak.

They have a real logic issue with the second problem. You took it in tow or three times and each time they said that they fixed it. The last time, it is doing the same thing and they say that it is working properly. If it is working properly, they should not have tried to fix it. The first part of a service/repair is to verify that operation is not normal before proceeding. If they found it not normal and tried to fix it, they are now changing their story. Do you have the reports of what they did on the other visits. I hope so. I doubt that they are supposed to let you leave without a form saying what they did. It should say either that they could not verify a problem or they did verify it and fixed it.

If you get an OASIS report, it will confirm what they did to try to repair it on the initial visits or if they determined that there was no problem. Ask your dealer to print the OASIS report for your vehicle. If your visits are not recorded on it, ask them ?why not?. You might request a summary here: