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A/C broken

Hello everyone, I am a college student so I don’t have much money, but I really am desperate at this point. I drive an '02 accord 4-cyl. For a while now the air conditioning hasn’t worked. It seemed to have a small leak in the system last year, so I just recharged it (with the proper refrigerant and lubricant) and it worked for a bit, and then it stopped working this year. I tried recharging it again but now when I connect the guage to the low pressure end with the a/c on, it shows no pressure. When I turn it off, the pressure spikes immediately. The compressor does turn on, but the vents just blow hot air. Any ideas, thoughts and comments are extremely appreciated.


Sorry, Max, but problems like this can’t usually be solved by the average DIYer. You are either going to have to live without air conditioning, or you are going to have to pay an A/C technician for a proper diagnosis and repair. I know it’s a pain, and it can be expensive, but repairs like this should be expected (and budgeted) as a part of owning a car.

I kinda figured that, Its just annoying… Its just bothersome when I see cars that are twice as old as my car putting along with the windows up, just knowing that the driver is nice and cool while I have to suffer. Thanks for the advice anyway!