Chevy Malibu Brush Guard? Help

Yes, I know it sounds stupid but this is more of a fun little car to mess around with. Its obvious that nobody makes brush guards/bumper guards for these cars so I was wondering if anybody might know a model that could possibly fit this car. I am aware Id also have to modify it or the car and I’m fine with that. I was thinking either the Crown Victoria Wrap around or the Charger wrap around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

One for the Impala or 2011+ Caprice might work as well. A company called Setina has a couple that could be what you’re after.

Didn’t even think about looking at chevy make guards! That should do the trick!

What year Malibu? Based on the conversation so far it looks like a late model car, but it might help to know for sure.

Can’t believe I forgot to put the year. My car is the 1999 model. Now they did make a police package for this car though it was rarely used, but they never made the guard for it.

From what I have been able to find the Impala of similar vintage is about 4 inches wider than the Malibu, Crown vic is even wider.

What type of modifications would it take to make one work?