2014 Chevrolet Malibu - worth buying?

Is it a good car to buy?

Depends on if the maintenance has been kept up to date . It is also probably getting into the area when you have to do maintenance on tires, brakes , transmission , coolant etc …

Looks like there have been problems with wheel bearings, otherwise fairly reliable. https://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Malibu/2014/wheels_hubs/ If you like the car and it’s in basically good shape have a mechanic of your choice inspect it prior to purchase.

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+1 to Dave’s post.
The Malibu is a decent vehicle that only became better over the years, simply because GM followed their traditional approach of introducing a new model without sufficient reliability/durability testing. GM’s approach–for several decades–is to use the buyer of first and second year models as their guinea pigs.

After at least 6 years of use, the initial bugs/defects in this 2014 Malibu should have been resolved, but, as was already suggested, it should be inspected by the OP’s mechanic prior to purchase.

It helps that the 2014 is part of a “generation” that debuted with the 2013 model year. https://www.autolist.com/chevrolet-malibu/chevrolet-malibu-generations That means the 2014 was the second year of that particular design and they had some time to work out any bugs.

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Consumer Reports says overall reliability is average. Brakes and noises/leaks are trouble areas. Transmission, minor and suspension, too, but less so.