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Chevy Malibu (1999):same accelerating problem comes back! Please help!

Hi! About one week ago, I posted the following for advice:
“Started having problems with my Chevy Malibu (1999, with 95,000 miles on it) while driving two times this week. Both times an alert warning flashed on my dashboard. The first time, flashed the brake check and ABS warning on the left side of the dashboard, and the second time the check oil and check battery warning on the right side. In both cases, after the warnings flashed, the car was still running, but stepping on the gas pedal resulted in no acceleration, but brakes still worked. The steering wheel also locks-up to the point where I can’t turn any more. Both times, I stopped and shut off the engine, waited about 30 seconds and restarted, after which everything is fine and normal. The brake pads were changed recently, but not the rotors which may not be in very good shape. Any information is appreciated. Lisa”
Upon your expert’s advice, I took the car to garage and found the belt is good, but I have replaced both the alternator and battery, and also changed the brake pads. Car ran fine for a day. Yesterday while driving, had another issue of the accelerator not working while in the middle of driving. Was going up a small hill, tried to accelerate, but stepping on the accelerator didn’t do anything. A few seconds later, I could not press down on the pedal anymore (as if the car was off). Brakes worked, I could turn, and no warning lights. Turned off ignition, restarted the car, and everything was fine. Same problem with the accelarator as I first reported, but no poblem with charging or turning the wheel, and no warning lights since the alternator and battery are new. I feel very frustrated. Any suggestions? Thanks!! Lisa

It sounds like the computer is acting up. Did any codes show up in the OBD-II system when you took it to the shop? If so, what were they?

I do have a OBD II Code Reader, and I just hooked it up, and there is “no error”, which is understandable as the car is fine now. My question is: does the reader will show any “error code” next time when " stepping on the accelerator didn’t do anything" simply because the light is not on? in other words, the system will not diagnosis or show any “error code” unless the light is on? Do you think there may be problem with transmission? any information is appreciated! Lisa

If you suspect there is a transmission problem you should observe and note the tachometer position or reaction to the accelerator when the problem occurs.

I just took it to the garage, and the mechanic can’t figure it out. He said it is not an electrical problem or transmission problem, but a mechanical problem with the gas pedal mechanism. He said the issue is that each time when accelerating problem appears, it will be easily solved by shutting off the engine and restarting it again after 30 seconds. He really does not know why. Thanks. Lisa