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Accelerator Issue?

I just posted another question on here about the same vehicle (window issue–which a friend helped me work through & it’s at least temporarily fixed)–a 2001 Chevy Blazer. On the way home from that friend’s house, as I was driving down the road the accelerator stopped accelerating. It kind of revved a little like it was trying to get there, but It wouldn’t go above the speed it was at (about 20mph). I pulled off on a side road. Stopped & shifted the car to park, trying to think what to do. I thought I could at least drive back to my friend’s house. After I put the car back into gear it worked fine. I continued on my way back home and about 10 minutes later (on a busy city highway near a major intersection, of course), it did it again. I pulled off to the side and tried a few times to sneak back onto the highway, but I could only get it up to 20-30mph. After the 4th or 5th attempt, it finally accelerated fine–up to highway speed and I was able to go the remaining 15 minutes home must fine.

We just bought the car from my parents who had taken care of it well and had just done all sorts of tune-ups and maintenance on it to make sure we wouldn’t have to put more money into it (which of course, we have). Any suggestions on this (to a non-mechanical person who is willing to learn)?

I am finding it difficult to understand exactly what was happening, but I will try to piece it together.
If my interpretation is incorrect, feel free to correct me.

You attempt to accelerate, and you hear the engine “revving”, but the vehicle does not accelerate beyond 20 mph. Is that more or less what is happening?

If so, the first thing to check is the transmission fluid. When the engine is running and warmed-up, the fluid should be up to the “full” mark on the trans dipstick. The fluid should be pinkish-reddish and it should not have a burnt odor.

If the fluid is low, refill with the correct spec fluid (likely some type of Dexron, and your Owner’s Manual will tell you which type) to the full mark. If the fluid is brown or black and/or if the fluid has a burnt odor, that is a very bad sign.

If you find fluid off an off color and/or odor, you need to take the vehicle to a trans shop for evaluation a.s.a.p., as continuing to drive it like this will lead to more expensive repairs. Do NOT take it to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain unless you want to be told that you need a new transmission–whether you really do or not.

If my interpretation of the symptoms is incorrect, then please post back with a clear explanation of what is happening. And, in that case, you can probably also disregard my statements regarding the transmission.

Good luck!

I’ll check the fluid level. I’m pretty sure it was checked a couple weeks ago when some other work was being done on it, but I’ll make sure to rule that issue out.

Was my interpretation of the symptoms accurate?

This morning on my way home from church it did the same thing: I was driving along, then no acceleration. I think I heard a soft “thunk, thunk” from the front, kind of behind the accelerator/brake area. The second time it did this the engine killed. It will turn over, but just sputters and won’t start.

My dad is thinking possibly the fuel pump or filter, that it’s not getting gas. Does that sound likely?

It was the fuel pump. I had it towed to a shop today & diagnosed. Wasn’t really able to call around for price quotes, so I’m hoping that just over $1000 is reasonable. It’s not in the budget, of course, as we just had 2 other recent car issues.