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2000 Chevy Blazer check engine light

Recently my 2000 Chevy Blazer wouldn’t start. It tried to crank but wouldn’t turn over. The next day, it cranked no problem. My check engine light came on though. As I was driving, I noticed the check engine light began flashing as the car shifted into 3rd gear. It is my only vehicle but I currently am not driving it except when I absolutely have to. I have no idea what could be the issue.

If the light is flashing, stop driving the car! You can do more serious damage. If that light is on, it means there is something wrong with your Blazer. To determine exactly what is wrong needs a mechanic to read the error codes stored in your Blazer’s computer to start diagnosing what is wrong.

Drive the car, or tow it if the light is flashing, to your favorite local mechanic. Expect to pay for the diagnosis.