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Chevy Avalanche 2003

Just put the window down on the passengers side and will not come back up. It had been running slow. Blown fuse? New motor? Any one have problem with this model doing this?

A blown fuse will stop the motor from operating. A weak motor or something binding in the mechanism will mean slow operation. At the rate you are going the motor will soon burn out. I would get it replaced or fixed before that happens.

When I lived in the tropics I had a locally made car with notoriously poor power windows. It failed in the OPEN position just prior to a tropical rainstorm. Cars don’t dry out very fast in that climate.

Thank you, I am on my way to the repair place, it is raining already:( I guess it is burgers and dogs and not steaks and lobsters for the Forth… Not sutre how much this will be $$$.

Chevy Has Been Aware Of A Problem.

They issued a Technical Service Bulletin because too many window regulators were being replaced under warranty. They advised that if the window is binding to try loosening the regulator bolts and adjusting the regulator first.