Chevrolet Malibu performance $ mileage

I recently rented a Malibu with a 3.4L V-6 and drove it mercilessly for over 4,500 miles. The mileage calculator was very nearly correct, at 29 mpg. The car handled well and had adequate power to move into traffic,etc. How does this car compare to other comparable cars?

Pretty good. I have driven Dodge Calibers that give me only 24 mpg.

For that size car, assuming you did mostly highway driving with a warm engine that’s very good! My much smaller Toyota Corolla with a 4 cylinder engine would get 34 MPG with the same driving. You would have to compare it directly with a Ford Fusion, Camry or Accord. I don’t have figures for those.

Of those 3, I’d go with the Fusion. Not to say Honda and Toyota make bad cars, it’s just that with the Fusion you get a bit more for your money.

Agree; a colleague of mine just bought a Fusion V6, and you get a lot of car for your money. It’s also built in Hermosillo, Mexico, Ford’s best plant. Under the skin the car is a Mazda 6 toned down to be more comfortable. If you only want a car that will virtually go forever, a 4 cylinder Camry would be my choice. But it is a rather bland car.

There ia a consumer magazine from Consumer’s Union that consumers like to read before they consume. I forget the name of the magazine but they give you the Annual Buying Guide with the subscription which is good if you don’t subscribe in time to get the April Auto Issue. There are reliability charts ans lots of other stuff.

It’s called Consumer Reports, and yes, it has an annual April edition that is very comprehensive in covering both new and used cars. There are also regular new nands used Buyers Guides. The new one out now on the newsstand deals with 2009 cars, but has a lot of historical background info on the various brands.

For about $12 you will learn a great deal. I once was asked by a young secretary what compact car she should buy (used, about 3 years old), and I gave her the guides. She ended up buying exactly what she needed, at the price she was prepared to pay.

Anyone who wants a midsize sedan should pay close attention to the Malibu. It is well worth a test drive.

When GM wants to build a top-notch car, they can. Unfortunately for everyone (especially GM), they haven’t wanted to until recently.

I just wish the Malibu came with the option for a split bench seat with the shifter on the steering column instead of a center console. If it did, I might be tempted to swap my Impala for the new Malibu!