2009 Malibu Ltz 4 cyl

I know buying my car with only 7000 miles on it was I thought a great deal with all the advertisement on fuel economy but I really find my car really lacks power could there be an issue with the acceleration which can be causing poor fuel econ?..I now have 9780 miles on my car I drove a 2010 4 cyl and it seem to have more power then my car does anyone else have this problem

Laura, I Believe Your “New” Malibu Has A 5 Year / 100,000 Mile Drive-Train Warranty.

Which are you having ? Is it an acceleration problem ? A MPG problem ? Both ?

Do you have a local dealer ? I’d find a dealer and ask the sales department if they have a similarly equipped 09 Malibu 4 cyl (2.4L ?) demo or used car that yoy could drive. Compare. Be sure it has the same engine and transmission as your’s.

If your car isn’t cutting the mustard then head for the service department, explain what you learned and have it checked out under the provisions of the car’s warranty.