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Chevrolet Aveo - O2 sensor issues

4-6-20 at Alamo Auto Service 6923 Hohman Ave. Hammond. IN. I had replaced 02 Upstream sensor and downstream 02 sensor. It has not been a week today 4-11-20 the engine light came back on. I called at 5pm the woman answered the call alone with heavy static in the background noise told they will not be open until this Tuesday. 4- 14-20 and calling out my name then disconnected the phone call. I had to quickly call back all I was able to do was leave a voice message. I pray my car has no further damages. What should I do.Chevy Aveo.

Have your car repaired next month when things begin to return to normal, it is very unlikely that an oxygen sensor fault will cause any damage to the car.


You say the check engine light is on again. Have you verified it’s the same problem? Having to wait three or four days for a service appointment really isn’t a major issue under normal circumstances and these aren’t normal circumstances.

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You shouldn’t be going anywhere. Leave the car there and stay home


Please tell us WHY you had both oxygen sensors replaced

What fault codes were initially present?

And as has already been stated, unless you hook up a code reader and/or scanner, you shouldn’t assume the check engine light is on for the same reason(s) as before

In my opinion, it’s unlikely that a problem with the oxygen sensor(s) will damage your car

My advice is to chill out until April 14th . . . then call that shop, say at 9AM. Be nice and ask them to “recheck” their work, as the check engine light is (back) on and you’re concerned

Maybe something went wrong during the repair, or maybe it was misdiagnosed in the first place

At this time, I’d be more worried about my personal health, versus the car

If you’re still healthy and employed, consider yourself fortunate :smiley:

and if not, hang in there . . . things will eventually get better :neutral_face: