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Engine Light has come on again! -- '98 T'oyota Avalon

My car has 182,000+ miles, at 162,000 the check engine light came on, the repair shop I think replaced a sensor, not sure. Now, when it came on again, I’m positive the repair shop replaced an Oxygen sensor. It did fine for 3-4 days, now the light is back on. The car runs great!

Help! What is going on? and what should I do?

I think you should go back to the shop, ask them what your OBD codes were when they replaced the O2 sensor, ask them to pull the current codes, and then before having them do anything else post the codes up here.

The engine light doesn’t tell what parts to replace - but sometimes parts get replaced anyway even if they don’t need to.

code would be best thing take it to a DEALER,they have the training,and will cost you an hour DIAG time,independant three hours for the same job(they get to learn on your car. 55 an hour times three. DEALER has proper equip.


Don’t worry if you get some engine lights at this mileage, they’re bound to happen. Get them checked and go from there. There are so many different things that can trigger a light.