O2 sensor and check engine light

Would love some advice because I am at my ends with my vehicle. It’s a 2010 Chevy equinox v6 with 98000 miles it wasn’t running right and a check engine light came on it was throwing the timing code so we brought it in to a few different places and ended up getting the timing chains replaced not even a week after that the O2 sensor was coming up. we replaced the O2 sensor in bank 1 like it had said every two days the check engine light comes on and it was another O2 sensor we ended up replacing all four O2 sensors within a week and a half time. they told us they should take care of it not even two hours later the check engine light came back on again and it said it was the O2 sensor that they had replaced first they took that in and replaced it and now it’s showing another O2 sensor that they had already replaced. is there something that could be making my O2 sensors go bad? Or are they just defective O2 sensors? or could it possibly be the catalytic converter? This was a cold that had popped up once before but it has not popped up since we have had the O2 sensor change which the mechanic said it was very unlikely that it was the cat and that is why we started with the O2 sensors

There are many O2 sensor codes.

What code(s) are you getting?


I don’t know exactly what the codes where the mechanic just said it was O2 sensor for Bank 1 upstream and O2 sensor bank 1 downstream as well as O2 sensor for bank 2 upstream and downstream which were all replaced and now it’s showing the same ones are bad again

Step 1- find a different mechanic.

a 2010 with 98,000 miles shouldn’t have needed a timing chain yet. (if it has a belt, that replacement may have been due.)

As Tester said- there are lots of O2 sensor codes, and absolutely zero of them say “Replace O2 Sensor.” What the codes do say is that the O2 sensor is sending signals that the computer is not expecting- thus there is an issue. The issue may be a bad O2 sensor, but way more often than not, the issue is something else- air leak somewhere in the system, spark plug or wire issue, injector, catalytic converter, or other things.
Just tossing parts at it, as you seem to suggest your mechanic is telling you to do, is not a good way to find and fix the problem, it is only a good way to make your bank account smaller…

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Definitely making the bank account smaller. our first thought was there was no way it could be the timing chain as well but we brought it to three local mechanics and they all said it was timing that is the only reason we had it replaced. once we had the timing replace we didn’t like the mechanic we are going through for certain reasons so we went through a different mechanic when it kept throwing the O2 codes. Now at this point I just don’t even know what to do since the check engine light keeps coming on every time it is cleared out. thinking about bringing it to the dealer to see if they can tell me what is going on seeing how every mechanic we have been to just keeps telling me it’s the O2 sensors. Also we just did spark plugs, a new battery and a camshaft sensor

These engines are known for timing chain failures. Along with other problems


Not sure on them ones but the 3.0 v6 have been horrible for me

The V6 engines also has timing chain problems.


Good info Tester. I had heard of later ones having issues, but not a 2010.