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Honda Issues!

My daughter owns a 2002 Honda CRV which had to have it’s 02 sensorreplaced last May. Guess what? The sensor light is on again barely less than a year later. We are supposed to take it in tomorrow and I am ticked off! How often should we expect to make this $500 repair?

The 02 sensor may be OK. Make sure the vehicle is properly tested to find the real problem. Have the codes read and make sure it’s not just a loose gas cap or some other minor problem. Check out this webpage and read up on your problem before handing over your hard earned money:

Tip: You do not have to take your vehicle to a dealer. A local independent mechanic can save you money.

You have provided zero information about this problem other than an O2 sensor being replaced and the sensor light (CEL?) being on a year later.

Why are you assuming the CEL is on nearly a year later for the same reason? Skim through a manual of OBD II codes and you will find hundreds of reasons why that light may be on.

Take the car to a local AutoZone, Checkers, Advance Auto, etc. and have them scan it for codes. They will do this for you free. Once you have codes in hand the process of figuring out why can begin.

There is no “Sensor light” for the 02 sensor itself. The Check Engine Light can come on for many reasons. Don’t be ticked off, You got presumably a year’s worth of trouble-free service from an 8 year old car.

Your daughter’s vehicle – like all modern cars – has two O2 sensors, one before the catalytic converter and one after. If the problem is an O2 sensor it’s probably the one that was not previously replaced.

Incidentally, a very frequent cause of a Check Engine light is forgetting to screw the gas cap tight after fueling. Most of us do it every few years. Might want to check. If that’s the problem, simply tighten the cap. The light should go away in a few days.

$500 seems a bit steep for replacing an O2 sensor. But maybe it’s an unusually difficult job in a CRV for some reason. If you do need a replacement, you might want to get a second estimate from a qualified independent mechanic.

The “sensor light” just means there is a fault in the vehicle usually a check engine light or yellow engine indicator. Last time it was the O2 sensor but it may so many reasons including a simple loose fuel cap.

Not sure on how long it has been on but if just a few days and NOT flashing and running fine you can see if it goes out.

The car is 7yrs old and despite the Honda name things happen.

Thank you!

The reason I said that is the dealer who replaced the first one claimed that it probably needed replacing again. I am definitely taking it somewhere else to be scanned.


Thank you

Thank you!


Thank you!