Cherokee stalled out & won't restart

HELP! My 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport seems to have thrown in the towel. Without obvious warning, an odd ‘whisping’ sound arose upon the last start. This lasted for 3 or 4 miles until it just died. Now it won’t start back up; only gives that initial ‘grrp’ sound without fully turning over.

Now for the part that hurts to admit… I hadn’t changed the oil in 6 months or so, and oil level was nill. Since, I have filled oil, checked other fluids, and charged the battery. I see no significant signs of leakage, and it had run strong until the last startup.

Alternator? Distributor? Cooked engine?

In a previous life, on a '95 Cherokee, I replaced the distributor with little pain, but I can’t even find such on this 2001 model. I’ve found no solutions in either Hanes or Chilton Cherokee Fix-it books. PLEASE, can someone show me the light (a rather cheap fix, that is)?

Well if the starter isn’t able to turn the engine over it is most likely seized up due to the lack of oil. A lack of oil is the fastest way to kill even a new engine. Hopefully this isn’t the case but have a shop look at it and see what they think. If it is seized up you can have a rebuilt engine put in at a significant cost. If you can afford new car payments you may want to consider trading yours in and make a super deal on a new one. Dealers are begging for customers. The money you would have to pay for repairs would go a long way towards a payment on a new car.