Cherokee Blower Motor Problem

I’m having trouble with the A/C Heater not blowing. It will not blow out any air on any setting. How should I attempt to fix, look at the Blower Motor Resister and Wiring first before replacing the Blower Motor? Needless to say I’m a novice mechanic, I appreciate any advice you can give.

in a word, yes, do check out the resisters, but also check out the sw. The proper resistance values should be given in the repair manual. If not try to read them from the resister bodies, the color code is black brown red orange yellow green blue violet grey white. If the sw, and the resistors show good, make sure you have power to the sw. and that will eliminate all but the blower motor. Before you go out to buy a new motor, check for debrish in the squirrel cage of the motor that may cause binding.

Turn the ignition switch on and set the blower speed to high. Reach under the passenger side of the dash and rap on the blower motor with the handle of a screwdriver. If the blower starts working replace the blower motor.


A voltmeter is a handy tool, see if you are getting voltage to the fan connections.