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Checkup for a 2007 Honda Odyssey

I just bought a 2007 from a private party where can I take it to get it reliably checked out for troubles. I know I should have checked before I bought it but it was way below my budget so I can do repairs if needed.

You already have it so I would just keep a close check on fluids, change oil and filter so you will know when it was done. Check tires for thread and air pressure and just hope nothing expensive breaks.
As for telling where to take it I don’t even know where you are . Just ask friends , relatives and co-workers who they might use if you really want to have it checked.

And check mechanics files at the top of the Cartalk page.

Do you know when the timing belt was last replaced? That’s an important issue to address here.

On the basis of elapsed time, that belt should have been replaced 2 times already, and is now due to be changed for the 3rd time. Unless the OP can confirm through hard copies of repair invoices that this job was done within the past few years, he needs to assume that it hasn’t been done.

And, because this Honda is from the vintage of MANY transmission problems, I would advise that the trans fluid and filter be changed. While the mechanic is down there, he should also check the trans mounts and the motor mounts because those are also highly problematic on these vehicles.