2001 Honda Odyssey

Two years ago, Honda gave us a brand new transmission FOR FREE because the old one was slipping and we were only a few months past warranty. Great service! But what’s the next thing to go on this vehicle? Trying to decide whether to keep or sell. Has about 83,000 on it.

Those transmissions were terrible which is partly why they replaced yours even out of warranty. My understanding is that they started to put one out with a new, improved design - or perhaps they just started installing mods when they were rebuilt (yours was probably a factory rebuild rather than a new one).

If you take good care of the van in terms of all required maintenance and if you didn’t get a new design for a replacement transmission, then the next thing to go will be the transmission again.

And if you did get one of the improved ones the next thing to go will probably be the transmission anyway. The weak point in all minivans, regardless of manufacturer is the transmission.

That said, anything can “go” at any time on an vehicle.

You are overdue for new timing belt. If it hasn’t been done, then the next thing to go could be the engine. Recommend you get the timing belt job done.

Most of the Odyssey holds up well, transmission excepted. You’ve got another 4 to 5 years left before the tranny goes again; so drive it for a few more years.

The transmission is the only real weak spot on the Odyssey.

Others have mentioned the timing belt, which should be replaced as part of normal maintenance. If the belt goes the engine will be damaged internally.

Check the maintenance schedule. You’re probably due, or overdue, for a new timing belt.

I would replace the belt and continue driving the van. It should have many useful years left.

Actually, the other weak spots on this vehicle are the motor mounts and the transmission mounts.

However, I would first make a new timing belt a very high priority if it has not already been changed. It was due for replacement about a year ago, on the basis of elapsed time, and when it snaps, you can anticipate a repair bill of close to $3k.

Thanks to you all for your helpful replies. We’ve been keeping up on the maintenance. Good to know we should be able to eke a few more years out of it. Thanks, again!