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2004 Honda Odyssey - Timing belt

Have 128000 miles on recently purchased Odyssey in excellent condition. Not sure of replaced timing belt. Dealer says to replace it. Also said motor mounts are worn and should be replaced? Why?

You don’t need a dealer for a 16 year old vehicle. Find an independent shop for a second opinion . As for why you might need these items is because the thing is 16 years old.

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Unless there is an invoice showing the timing belt and water pump have been replaced, assume has not. As noted, check with an independent shop for cost.

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Thank you.

In case you need any more belt info, this may help.

You may want to ensure the TSB for the transmission on the 2004 Odyssey was performed. That model and year had a well-known defect. More here. Average failure miles 117K. Average cost to fix $3,640.

Thanks for this article.

It was the most useful of all responses.


Get more estimates, but don’t be surprised if the dealer is competitive. This also applies to tires. I needed one due to a posi drive screw within an inch of the sidewall. The local dealer had one cheaper than Tire Rack, and they had it and I a got a free car wash.


Because the motor mounts on this model are one of the other major trouble spots as these vehicles age.

As was already stated, unless you can confim through maintenance records that the timing belt was replaced, you have to assume that it has never been done. To assume otherwise is potentially…
very costly.

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If the timing belt breaks because it’s still the original one, it’ll cause thousands of dollars in damage to your engine.

If the motor is moving around due to worn motor mounts, it can break any of the things connected to it that aren’t supposed to be moving around.