Checker parts good / bad?


Are all Checker parts bad?

We just had a timing belt and water pump replaced in ID using Checker parts. NOw we are back in CO and the water pump could have possibley broken with about 11000 miles on the 2 parts.

If its indeed the case the water pump failed; Checker only warantees the part ; not the labour so its another $300 repair.

We were stuck in rural ID with few shops open on the weekend so not much choice in car parts so while we knew that Checker sold bad electrical parts we didnt realise they sold all bad parts according to our shop here so does Checker have a responsibility to replace both the part and the labour if the part failed? is this another thing we need to be aware of and insist on using Napa or similar parts? and its like dont use Jiffy Lube? or other similar shops for an oil change?


I am wondering what water pump was purchased from Checker (Checker-Shucks-Kragen: CSK). Was it a new pump from a quality manufacturer like Cardone or was it a cheap rebuilt pump from some unknown company? I don’t expect you to know the answer but that is going to be important in the quality of the part. As far as CSK selling bad electrical parts they sell electrical parts from top manufacturers like Bosch, AC Delco, Beck/Arnley etc. When you go to any parts store you will have a selection of parts and a range of prices. If the mechanic installed a cheap water pump on a car from out of state because he would never see you again that is not CSK’s fault. They are apparently standing behind the warranty of the part what more do you want from them?


parts store was Pro Shop. part number is a55-43612.

We may bitch at car repair places but this shop who installed the part is not one of them. This is a really good shop recommended by locals in ID so the shop is OK.

Dont know if there was a choice in parts of not as the shop just repaired the car. and yes they knew we lived in CO but we are there every year for the same work so they knew we were coming back and we also work in the area on a regular basis.


Checker does not sell all bad parts, electrical or otherwise.

From your post it appears that the problem has not even been determined yet from the “possibly” comment.

The T-belt and water pump was replaced, but…

What about the belt tensioners? (which should have been)
Who did this work? The Jiffy Lube you’re making reference to?

Maybe this problem is related to failure to replace tensioners or improper installation of something rather than a parts quality problem.


Since when does Jiffy Lube replace timing belts? No this was done at a proper shop and we presume they did all the repairs they should have.

Our regular shop gets her tomorrow so if the water pump failed; we have another $300 repair if Checkers is selling these parts and they are failing; well we never had problems with Napa parts and we had other work done on her when we were in ID so why is it just Checker parts that are failing? We have a bad leak too so we cant drive far with her


I’m still trying to decipher your original post, in which the Jiffy Lube question was asked.
There is a JL type of facility near me that does indeed change timing belts, along with brakes and struts.
Note at the time of my post your info about the shop that did the work was not visible to me.

At this point it seems to me that you’re assuming the water pump is faulty and the vehicle has not even been torn apart or properly diagnosed yet.

It’s always possible for any part to fail no matter who makes it or sells it.
The parts store, whether it is Checker, NAPA, or anyone else, is under zero obligation to do anything other than replace the part itself or refund the cost of the part.

It seems to me that at this point we’re dealing with a theoretical.


I think jmfay is asking if they should avoid CSK like avoiding Jiffy lube.
The answer to me is obviously no.


You are right that was the question.

If indeed its the water pump which failed; that means to us to avoid CSK / Checker for everything but maybe oil / oil filters as that is just how we feel about bad parts. Napa never has problems with parts so we just dont understand why Checker would. Checker also sells alot of problem electrical parts so we avoid them on that too as we had too many problems in the past.

Our regular shop has nothing much good to say about their parts too so we dont understand why Michael you say they sell a variety of quality parts (all price ranges) and some are good. No we are not trying to argue with you but we just need to know what to do about Checker as this is a huge repair bill for the second time.


I also see no reason to avoid CSK, and in spite of the bad rap even the vast majority of Jiffy Lube service is done with no problems. It’s just that in the latter the probability of a mistake goes up due to the “hurry up” business model.

It seems to me that a coolant leak is being blamed on a defective part, after 11k miles, when it could very well be caused by something other than the pump or due to improper installation; say overtightening a belt?


So explain how it is that you determined CSK sells a “lot of bad parts”? Real world experience from repeated failures or rumor/innuendo?

CSK, like any other parts facility, has NO obligation to you other than replacing the part or refunding the money you paid for the part.
Look at any receipt from any parts store and you will see that disclaimer in writing.

I’m also still curious about how you are so certain that pump quality is the cause of the problem.


CSK only warranties the part. If the pump is found to be defective they will only exchange the part. Labor is not covered. I understand this can be frustrating but that is there policy. Here is the warranty policy:

Warranties are limited to the retail price paid for the product. NEITHER WARRANTOR NOR MANUFACTURER SHALL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, INDIRECT AND SPECIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM DEFECTS IN THE PRODUCT. This warranty does not cover miscellaneous expenses for removal, installation, service, towing or down time, nor does it cover material, labor, or additional parts required for replacement or repair of damages caused by abuse (including fire or wreckage), misuse, neglect, or failure to follow manufacture?s operating and /or installation instructions.

It is your choice to decide where your parts come from. Please be aware however that all parts have a chance of failure and most parts stores will only warranty the part not the labor. If this pump had come from NAPA, CarQuest, Advanced Auto, etc. you would still be in the same boat.


That policy stinks and that is being polite!!!

We have alot of car parts places in CO so we have alot of choices. You dont alwasy get that choice when you take it to a shop out of state and even with a good reputation by locals who uses parts and you dont even think to ask where the parts are coming from.

In rural ID its even worse as if they dont stock it; the nearest big city is SLC on the south/east part of the state. AAA ID is lousy too and they dispatch from OR.


Sears is the one stating it looks like the water pump as she started to leak bad when we went to get an oil change done so we had them look at it at the same time.

You are right we are presuming its the part but there has been nothing else done to the car in this area since the timing belt / pump was replaced and we had other mechanics look at the car about 2 weeks after this work was done to see waht else had to be done. We further had the regular 120 k tune up done at a third shop (AAA place) and asked them not to deal with the coolant sicne this work was already just done and there was no other work that had to be done with the car.


We personally have had alot of problems with electrical parts brought at Checkers.

We also talk to mechanics when we take the car to get fixed at proper shops and they tell us the same thing.

That is why we avoid Checkers for most parts. We have choices here in metro Denver. You dont have the same choices in rural ID.


One reason I stay away from these Cheap national chains (besides questionable parts) is the lack of experience behind the counter. Most are kids barely out of their teens who have almost 0 experience working on cars. If the software can’t take them to the exact part you looking to buy then they are totally helpless.


You’re in for a rude awakening about that “policy that stinks”.

I think if you check any receipt from ANY car parts house you will find that policy is the same everywhere.

Since you mention Sears, I think if you check with their parts dept. you will find this policy applies to washing machine, lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, and everything else kind of part.


Something else to consider is the fact that many of these parts come from the same manufacturing company, no matter who retails them.

The only difference is the logo on the box.


My one pet peeve about CSK is that their stinking computer system, if they don’t have the part, will sell you one that’s close, without telling you that they’re selling you the wrong part! We used to joke that it was called Schuck’s because, “Aww, Schucks… we sold you the wrong part.” And Mike’s generally right about the quality of the help, but they usually have one or two guys that knows their stuff.

I also percieve them to often have a cheaper tier of parts than most of the other parts houses here in town, which sometimes is nice-- I’m fine putting in a cruddy alternator in a cruddy car where it’s easy to switch out. But I would not put one of thier cheapey water pumps in a car with a timing-belt driven one. As the other posters have mentioned, they also sell the same brand as all the other places in town, in which case they’re the same, and often quite competitive price-wise.

Also, all the crap they sell in front of the counters makes it somewhat difficult to take them seriously.


I generally avoid all the McParts places for everything except fluids. If I need anything critical, I either go to the dealer, a couple of on-line supplies that I trust, or I stop by my indy’s shop and ask him to source the part from his suppliers.


So it appears at this point we have Checkers being blamed for a shoddy water pump based solely on someone at Sears stating this in regards to a vehicle that has not even been torn apart for examination yet.

Assuming the water pump is even the culprit it has not even been determined at this point if that pump has actually failed prematurely or if an outside influence (installation procedure) is responsible for the alleged pump leak.