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“Check gauges” light coming on while idle

So over the past couple of days the weather has taken a turn for the worst. It’s been in the low teens and this morning while driving to work every time I was at a light or stopped my oil pressure gauge would drop all the way down to red and then shoot back up to the middle when I’d start driving. My oil levels should be fine so is this something most likely caused by the change in weather or should I be worried about something else?

“SHOULD BE?” What are you oil levels?


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+1 please check your oil level ASAP

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Also a full oil reading does not mean it’s OK to drive the truck. The low pressure could be as minor as a faulty gauge/sending unit or as serious as a failing oil pump, clogged pick-up screen, or worn bearings.

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Assuming your oil is at the right level, you want to immediately take this car to the shop to have the oil pressure measured accurately with a mechanical gauge. If the pressure really is low, you’re damaging your engine by driving it.