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Check engine light

My 2006 toyota sienna continues to have the check engine light come on with the vsc light. It has been to the dealership 6 times. They have changed a carbon canister 3 times and “reset” the light the other three. They said they have found fuel in the canister on the last visit two weeks ago. They cleaned the canister and reset the light. The light is on again. No abnormal engine operation has ever been noted. The dealership is new. Should I take it to a more experienced dealership?

they have found fuel in the canister

Hmm. Are you in the habit of “topping off” your fuel tank? Don’t add more fuel (more than a few cents worth) once the pump shuts off, or you run the risk of pouring liquid gasoline into the emissions charcoal canister, which can ruin it.

I hope you weren’t charged for those experiments. Another dealership may have the talent to do something useful—under warranty—for free.