2002 Toyota 4Runner - CEL/EVAP Leak

The VSC trac and VSC light along with the engine light is on. When it first happened, the dealer said it was a faulty gas cap. Replaced and the lights turned off. Lights came back on. Dealer replaced the fuel hose. Lights went off. Now they are back on. The lights seem to come back on when the engine is idling for a period of time - such as in line at a drive through. Although the dealer assures me the car is fine, there is no way to know if there is an actual engine issue if the light remains on.

It seems that there is an evaporative emissions leak, a vapor leak from the fuel tank or vapor lines. If you have already paid for the diagnoses and the problem has returned in a short amount of time, take the truck back and ask them to check it again, they shouldn’t charge you a diagnostic fee for a return visit.

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Leaks in the evap system sometimes take a few visits to figure out. There’s a half dozen or more common places a leak can develop. And individual actuators/valves might leak. And it might be leaking in more than one place. The VSC lights are likely not involved. The computer shuts that system off for safety reasons if the engine isn’t performing correctly.